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NaijaLoan is a member-to-member lending platform, with a vision of creating wealth with minimal risk to our members.

As a NaijaLoan member, you can earn up to N120,000 monthly, while starting with just N1,000.

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How it Works

NaijaLoan is an innovative member-to-member lending platform where all members are lenders and borrowers at the same time.

Member-to-Member lending means whenever you are giving a loan, you are giving it directly to a member on the platform, and whenever you are requesting for a loan, another member on the platform will give you the loan directly. We are the middle-man that connects everybody. That is, we are not the one giving you the loan, neither are we the one borrowing from you.

But how can all members be lenders and borrowers at the same time? That's tough to answer, but you will get it, do not worry. Scroll down to the next question for explanation.

As we said, all members on Naijaloan are lenders and borrowers at the same time.

That means, whenever you give a loan, you are also borrowing from the platform. So let's say you give a loan of N5,000 (on level 2), you will get N10,000 back (the N5,000 you gave + N5,000 interest). But at the same time, it means not only are giving a loan of N5,000, you are also borrowing N10,000.

You are confused right? Don't worry. It will get simpler.

Here is the scope. You gave a loan of N5,000 in order to get N10,000 right? That's right. You will get your N10,000 without stress. But whenever you upgrade (let's say from level 2 to level 3), you will have to pay back the N10,000 you are owing the platform (that N10,000 we said you borrowed). And that N10,000 you paid will upgrade you to level 3, where you will get N20,000 in return.

So in other words, you paying N10,000 to move from level 2 to level 3 means you have paid back the money you borrowed & you are also giving a new loan at the same time.

In summary, whenever you give a loan on NaijaLoan, you are borrowing & lending at the same time.

Whenever you give a loan, you are actually lending to the platform.

That means the whole community will be responsible for the loan. If one member fails to pay, other members will be directed to pay you.

"You said whenever I'm giving a loan, I'm also borrowing. If I refused to pay back the borrowing aspect, will I still get back the amount I loaned + interest?"

Like we said before, if you give a loan of N5,000, you will get N10,000 back (and you are also borrowing N10,000). The N10,000 you will get back is a guarantee. Whether you paid the money we said you owed or not, you will always get the amount you loaned + the interest.

It's only when you are upgrading that you will pay back the N10,000 we said you borrowed. And by paying it back, you will also get N20,000 (the loan you gave + interest).

Are you confused?

What we mean is that if you do not upgrade, then you are not owing us (the community) any money.

And if you upgrade, not only are you paying back the money we said you owed us, you are also giving us a loan at the same time.

NaijaLoan operates what is called a Progressive Level System. And this is what enables your N1,000 to turn to N120,000.

Check below for how the progressive level system works.

There are 6 progressive levels on NaijaLoan, and no member can risk more than N1,000, as everybody has to start from level 1.

Level 1
Pay ₦1,000
Get ₦5,000 (1 day)
Withdraw & upgrade to level 2
Level 2
Pay ₦5,000
Get ₦10,000 (2 days)
Withdraw & upgrade to level 3
Level 3
Pay ₦10,000
Get ₦20,000 (4 days)
Withdraw & upgrade to level 4
Level 4
Pay ₦20,000
Get ₦40,000 (6 days)
Withdraw & upgrade to level 5
Level 5
Pay ₦40,000
Get ₦80,000 (8 days)
Withdraw & upgrade to level 6
Level 6
Pay ₦80,000
Get ₦120,000 (10 days)
Withdraw your N120,000 & spread the good news
Please Note: Members that have Completed Level 6 will be required to pay a fee of N10,000 to NaijaLoan. This fee is to enable us cover the costs associated with running the platform.

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Latest Members
User: 260,822, Tajudeen Mohammed
ojagboro ilorin kwara state, ilorin Kwara
2 Jul 2020, 07:03 AM
User: 260,821, Wisdom Joseph Asuquo
Ebis Mechanic Amarata , Yenagoa Bayelsa
2 Jul 2020, 05:15 AM
User: 260,820, Ukanwoke Chiemeka Franklin
No 20 ofonwagu amakohia, Owerri Imo
2 Jul 2020, 03:53 AM
User: 260,819, Fola Kule
Oluyole, Ibadan Oyo
2 Jul 2020, 02:31 AM
User: 260,818, Udoka Loveday Enwereuzor
No 1 chima nwafor road, Umuojima , Aba Abia
2 Jul 2020, 12:26 AM
User: 260,817, Idomeh Abigail
Ekenwan road Benin city, Benin Edo
2 Jul 2020, 12:04 AM
User: 260,816, Samuel John
Lekki Estate, Lagos Lagos
2 Jul 2020, 12:03 AM
User: 260,815, Rowland Olorunleke Victor
Arungbo compound, ileteju mopa., Mopa Kogi
1 Jul 2020, 11:55 PM
Total Members 260,822
Lagos: 38,645
Oyo: 23,754
Osun: 14,674
Rivers: 14,338
Ogun: 14,281
Delta: 13,390
Abuja: 11,915
Ondo: 11,336
Kwara: 11,267
Anambra: 10,135
Edo: 9,530
Enugu: 8,663
Abia: 8,504
Akwa Ibom: 8,499
Imo: 8,222
Ekiti: 6,145
Kaduna: 5,318
Ebonyi: 5,062
Kogi: 4,943
Benue: 4,729
Cross River: 4,548
Niger: 3,596
Plateau: 3,395
Bayelsa: 2,996
Kano: 1,968
Nasarawa: 1,917
Taraba: 1,636
Adamawa: 1,362
Bauchi: 951
Kastina: 851
Borno: 781
Sokoto: 767
Gombe: 757
Zamfara: 667
Yobe: 556
Kebbi: 427
Jigawa: 297

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